ROCEWEA. low-discrepancy sequence

Title of paper: Constructing Uniform Design Tables Based on Restart Discrete Dynamical Evolutionary Algorithm

Authors: Yuelin Zhao, Feng Wu, Yuxiang Yang, Zhaohui Hu, Jun Yan and Wanxie Zhong

Generating uniform design tables is the first step to experimenting efficiently and effectively, and is also one of the most critical steps. Thus, the construction of uniform design tables has received much attention over the past decades. We presented a new algorithm for constructing uniform design tables: restart discrete dynamical evolutionary algorithm (RDDE). The uniform design tables based on RDDE algorithm and their MD discrepancy, L2D discrepancy, WD discrepancy and CD discrepancy are as follows
L=n: L=n.mat
L=3,4,5: L=3,4,5.mat
L=6,7,8,9,10,11: L=6,7,8,9,10,11.mat
n= number of runs, s = number of factors, L = number of levels
The design table is free. The table storage format is ‘. mat’ .


Type: MATLAB code


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